Can You Keep Gerbils in a Fish Tank?

By | March 6, 2020

Gerbils are popular small pets. These pets can grow up to 50 to 60 grams. They normally live for 3 to 5 years. One should always adopt these pets of the same family, same gender and same age. The best combinations can be two sisters or two brothers who have just left their mother. Also, they should be about seven or eight weeks old. They are active during both day and night. Gerbils are able to reproduce when they are 35 to 45 days older. They need special housing, as they are active gnawers and diggers. There are so many options available for a gerbil cage. Some of the minimum features for gerbil cages, which need to be kept in mind.  In this article, some of the gerbil cage ideas have been discussed.

Types of housing option for Gerbil

Can You Keep Gerbils in a Fish Tank?

There are some modern as well as the traditional cage options that are available in the market. A modern cage is a multi-story unit. It can have a tube to climb up and other necessary accessories. Some of the traditional cage options include wire cage, plastic cages, etc.

Glass aquariums are one of the popular options available for gerbil cages. These containers can be cleaned easily. They are also inexpensive and the pets can be observed clearly too. Also, the gerbils cannot chew the glass containers. One needs to have the wire mesh on the top of the container in order to allow the air to pass into the container. Also, they cannot jump out of this cage. This type of cage is suitable in all-weather types.

Wire cages also an important type of cage. This type of cage allows proper airflow. With this type of cage, there is an increase in the chance of a mess. Plastic containers can be used as a secondary home to them. Because gerbils chew every non-metal material. This type of cage tends to smell odd more quickly as compared to other types of cages. The wood and plastic simply can’t hold the pets for a long period of time. Therefore, the safest cages for gerbils are made of glass or metal. Neither of these materials can be destroyed by over-active gerbils.

Features to watch while choosing the cage

Can You Keep Gerbils in a Fish Tank?


The gerbils are small in size, but they need a large space to roam around, to exercise and to play. The bigger the size of the enclosure, the better. It is always better to have the gerbils in pairs so that they won’t feel alone. The pairs should get 10 gallons of space at least. It is suggested that the pets need a cage i.e 90cm long in order to give sufficient space to move around. There should be some heights as well in the cage for the pets to climb upon. The cages usually weigh around 14 pounds to 2 pounds. The aquariums having the capacity of 10 or 20 gallons can be a good choice. They should be well ventilated and should be covered with mesh. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and from other heat sources.


The cages should be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks. It is recommended to wash the cage with some vinegar or mild detergent. Also, then it needs a towel or air dry. The enclosure should be properly-ventilated for the pets to breathe properly. Also, with proper ventilation, the pets can be kept cool when the warm weather arrives. The plastic or glass lids are very dangerous, as they allow a little bit of ventilation. It is always advisable not to use a solid cover for any tank. With this the ventilation becomes limited and condensation will start to form inside the tank.


One needs to be very sure that the cage is safe and sealed too. It is not recommended to use any sharp objects inside the cage, as the pets might hurt themselves. Also. The cage lid should be securely and tightly fixed. The cage door should be opened outwards. Also, the door should close firmly, so that the gerbil cannot open and escape.


Can You Keep Gerbils in a Fish Tank?

The opening of the enclosure should be such that, one can enter into the cage for cleaning without any issues. The floor should be solid. Some of the good bedding options are corncob bedding, paper, or kiln-dried pine shavings.


The fruit tree clippings, branches, cardboard and pine cones cardboard make excellent chew toys for the pets., These also can help to work down the teeth and prevent malocclusion and outgrowth problems. Toilet paper rolls, Lego buildings, and small boxes can make great adventurous and amusing games for gerbils. The cage should be provided with a plate for eating food and a small dish to drink water. Gerbils need food in about twice a day and also need clean water to drink. Many owners provide the gerbils’ fresh food with a mix of dry food to provide variety, and because not all dry mixes contain all necessary nutrients the animals need.

There are different types of cages available for these pets starting from very traditional once to the modern once. A cage is necessarily an important part of the pet’s life. They generally spend the majority of their life in the cage.

Sum up

Can You Keep Gerbils in a Fish Tank?

The pet parent needs to think a bit about where to put the gerbil’s enclosure. Gerbils need somewhere away from sources of ultrasound, such as computers, TV and running water. They need to kept somewhere in a safe place so that other pets can’t access the cage. It is better to keep all other pets away from the gerbils. The gerbils won’t be able to say anything, when they’re not well, so it’s up to the pet owner to keep an eye on them. To keep the gerbils healthy, one should do their health check-up regularly. Generally, having a pet requires a lot of planning and preparation. One should look for the pets well being in every possible aspect.